TajCoin is live on Blake2s.com mining pool

TAJ has been added to a dedicated pool Blake2s.com for mining digital currencies that use blake2s algoritm.

No registration is required to mine TAJ on Blake2s.com. All you need is TAJ wallet address, a GPU and a blak2s capable mining software.

If you dont own a powerfull graphics card you can choose to rent some hashing power at:

MiningRigRentals marketplace

NiceHash marketplace

Tajcoin gets dedicated blake2s mining pool

Thanks to our friends at MineBlocks.co.uk a dedicated mining pool is now online.

To mine blake2s algo you will need the folowing:

  • a dedicated Nvidia or Amd graphics card
  • mining software like ccminer for Nvidia or claymore for Amd cards (note that claymore is a dual miner)
  • rent some blake2s hashrate on a marketplace like MiningRigRentals
  • a TAJ public key/address/wallet (PC/Linux/Mac/Android)

To get started visit MineBlocks pool.